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On this page we have put a selection of Downloads which we hope you will find of value...

Some Winter Reading... 

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Motorcycle Monthly - The online version of the UKs Biggest free monthly motorcycle Newspaper read it here



The RidersDigest - The online free monthly get your copy here



Full Control. A guide to precise and efficient machine control.   The book is unique. It is a gift from motorcycle riders to motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riding is first of all about the joy of life. The feeling of being on the road. Meet friends. Enjoy the man-machine togetherness on twisty roads. Feeling the power of acceleration, the thrill of leaning into a bend. Or the calm,

p u l s a t i n g sensation of freedom on your way towards unknown places.


Every spring we swarm out on the roads as soon as the bad weather is gone. Eager to enjoy a new riding season. More than 99% of us return happily home from adventure. But not all. For motorcycle riding is a demanding sport. Rider error can result in serious injury. An accident could have been avoided if only small things had been done differently. Indeed, research shows that many a rider ditches in situations where the bike itself could have carried him safely through. But often the rider disturbs the bike by inadequate action.


Faced with danger, a human being reacts instinctively. A lightning quick reaction intended to avoid injury. Action that happens before we have time to think. Riding a bike, these instinctive reactions paradoxically increases danger. For example by “freezing” or target fixation. Fortunately correct responses can be trained in, so that you can override the instincts and act correctly the next time you run into a threatening situation.


This book intends to help you with just that. It focuses an effective and precise riding technique, helps you understand the essential physics of the motorcycle and offers you a series of very concrete exercises that you can work on every time you are out riding. Through systematic practising you can learn to override the dangerous instincts and let the bike do what it is best at. It is reasonable to believe that many of the accidents that happen during the riding season are directly caused by the rider’s own instinctive actions. Conscious effort to learn precise riding techniques, and thus beat instinct, will inevitably lead to increased joy and less trouble.   Download Full Control . zip here



Motorcycle Training Manual. Everything you need to know about motorcycles.  

This is the "Too Cool Motorcycle Training School" training manual, well worth a browse through. 

Download the manual direct from the Too Cool Motorcycle Site here



Motorcycle Tyres TyreSafe - Tyres are the only parts of the motorcycle which are in contact with the road. Safety in acceleration, braking, steering and cornering all depend on a relatively small area of road contact. It is therefore of paramount importance that tyres should be maintained in good condition at all times and that when the time comes to change them the correct replacements.


A useful motorcycle electric faultfinding chart can be found here



DDay Waypoints for Northern France Includes a reference sheet

Planning a trip in Northern France and would like a comprehensive list of waypoints for many of the memorials and points of interest? then download this zip file which contains the waypoints and a word document outlining the relevance of the waypoints and their history.  Download here <--